SAVED BY HIM by Suleidy Merced
Axl Ward came into my life as Prince Charming. In his arms, I felt loved and cared for. My life was coming together. Everything I desired was becoming a reality—my happy ending, like my cousin Enzo and his wife, Valeria. I used to think nothing could touch me as a Maranzano. But one night changed everything. Fear is not something I've had to deal with firsthand, at least not fear like the one I feel regarding Axl. My Prince Charming turned out to be the devil. I've kept secrets from my family and thought I could handle Axl alone. I was wrong. You can't ignore Axl, not if you want to see another sunrise. But the unexpected happened — Xavier Cortes. Xavier is arrogant, filled with rage, and treats me like I'm still in high school. I hate him. He is an asshole. When I walk into a room, he storms out like I've done something to him. But I didn't expect the man who hates me, and I hate, will be the man who can save me. Now, I’m more confused than ever. The arrogant man who is an asshole is the man haunting my dreams. I'm left with one question. Do I explore what it means or thank him and forget he exists? WARNING: This story depicts suicidal attempt, rough sex and depression.
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