Prince of Bliss (The Club Bliss Series) by Holly J Martin
What would you do if your favorite master at the S&M Club you frequent turned out to be a real Italian Prince? Wait, it gets better! You then learned that you had been assigned by your Captain to protect said prince from a threat against the Royal Family. That is the situation that police officer, Charlotte (Charlie) Anderson, found herself in. She had little choice in taking the assignment since she was the “low man” on the proverbial totem pole. Somehow, Charlie was going to have to keep it professional outside of Club Bliss. She would need a miracle to do that because all she wanted was for Master Antonio to bind her hands and feet and bury himself in her. Oh, and she would also have to find a way to somehow not to fall completely in love with Prince Antonio Rossi of the House of Savoy. Easy peasy.
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